About Us

About Us

Traverse International Pte Ltd was registered in Singapore as a partnership firm in 2003 and incorporated as Private Limited in 2006. As the name implies, ‘traverse’, acts as a small bridge that connects big business entities.

Traverse International specializes in supplying the full range of Thermal Insulation products covering both hot & cold insulation.

The company has 50,000+ sq.ft. warehouses across the globe from where just in time delivery to all our clients are done. The
International has also ventured into cutting slab, pipe sections, and equipment’s of custom made size & quantity for polyurethane, polyisocyanurate, phenolic & foam glass.

1m Sq.M

Insulation Worked

15 Years

of Business Existence from Singapore to UAE


Turnkey Projects Delivered


Global Customers


To be a leading solution provider with comprehensive range of energy conservative products to various industries & strive to become an unique manufacturing company Globally


We are an energetic and passionate team, who are in the mission to make a difference in the industries by bringing an Innovative, Efficient & Quality products that conserve Energy.


We adhere to the best industry practises in process and people management to execute projects at a high level precision and quality.

Supplier Partnerships

Our customers say about quality & onetime delivery of the project executions to decide. Lets talk more about your project.

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