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Insulation Banding is supplied in 3003/1050 Aluminium, 304/316 Stainless Steel and Galvanised Steel in various widths and thicknesses, eg 9.5mm, 12.7mm, 25.4mm, 40.0mm and 50.8mm. Banding is supplied in catchweight coils varying between 15-25 kgs, or in coils 2kgs and 5kgs. (Subject to a decoiling charge).

Wing Seals to suit binding sizes are available in all grades & specifications

Insulation Wing Seals to suit the banding are available in boxes of 100 and 1000 for 9.5mm, 12.7mm and 19.0mm, in boxes of 50 and 500 for 25.4mm, and boxes of 10 and 50 for 40.0mm and 50.8mm banding. Seals are produced from 0.8/0.9mm Aluminium and Stainless Steel for all sizes up to 25.4mm, 1.6mm material for 40.0mm and 50.8mm Stainless Steel seals and 3mm material for Aluminium Seals 40.0mm and 50.8mm.

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